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1st Open Science Meeting “Land systems, Global Change and Sustainability"

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October 17, 2010

End date:
October 19, 2010

Arizona, USA  

GLP had its first Open Science Meeting (GLP OSM) from 17-19 October 2010 at Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. This Conference was organized in close cooperation with IHDP's Urbanization and Global Environmental Change project (UGEC) which also held its 1st International Science and Practice Conference from the 15-17 October 2010. October 17 was organised jointly with GLP on the topic 'Sustainable land systems in the era of urbanization and climate change'. The aim of the GLP OSM 'Land Systems, global change and sustainability' was to bring together large parts of the international research community working on land change issues, showcase the width and scope of ongoing research, help build a community in this highly interdisciplinary field, inspire new research and facilitate review, theory building and extrapolation. In a broad sence the intellectual aim of the conference can be summarized as: "To advance the science of land systems and their change for analysis and response to global change and sustainability". A major theme running throughout both the UGEC and GLP conferences, and the focus of the overlapping day was the linkages among urbanization, land and landscapes, and climate change. The themes embedded in these linkages, constitutes one of the next phases of emphasis in global change and climate change science as registered by the USCCP, IPCC, and other major agenda-setting reports forthcoming in the US and internationally.

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