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Key Human Dimensions Research Questions - "Explaining Long-term Interactions among the Ecosystems and their External Environment in Conditions of Global Changes", res. project FoE J.E. Purkyne Univ. (2007-2009) Kupkova, Lucie. (2002) A Human Face for Prague's Suburbs. A research project at Charles University evaluates human and biophysical dimensions of Prague's suburbanization and its consequences. IHDP Update Newsletter 03/2002, page 13. - Czech-German International conference "Climate Change Impacts in the Czech-German Elbe River Basin" organized jointly with Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research, 5-6 Nov. 2007 - International Conference "Transport and Environment" organized jointly with TU Dresden and Banking Inst./College,Prague, April 2007, with participation of DG TREN representative, conf. Proceedings