IHDP Knowledge Transfer Database

Austrian Human Dimensions of Global Change Programme

Acronym: HDP-A

The Austrian Human Dimensions of Global Change Programme (HDP-A) coordinates social, economic and legal scientific research on global change in Austria. Its aim is to support the studies of global change to become an individual and active discipline and to enhance communication within the scientific community working on those issues. HDP-A exists since 1999 and is a national contact point of IHDP. Activities of the HDP-A are primarily fostered by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research. The HDP-A sees itself as a platform for exchange of information between Austrian and international social and economic researchers studying global changes in the environment. Key research topics in Austria include: Sustainable development Climate change and mitigation Global environmental change and the Alps Environment and risk in HD research Industrial transformation Development/welfare Biodiversity Water Land use Education/information Politics/law