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Integrated History and Future of People on Earth Project

Acronym: IHOPE

Core Project

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The Integrated History and future of People on Earth (IHOPE) initiative is a global research network, demonstrating that earth system changes in the past have been strongly associated with changes in the coupled human-environment system. IHOPE supports sharing knowledge and resources from the biophysical and the social sciences and the humanities to address analytical and interpretive issues associated with coupled human-earth system dynamics. IHOPE will create frameworks that can be used to integrate perspectives, theories, tools and knowledge from a variety of disciplines spanning the full spectrum of social and natural sciences and the humanities. The overarching goal is to produce a rich understanding of the relationships between environmental and human processes over the past millennia. IHOPE recognizes that one major challenge is consensus building around a "workable" terminology that can be accepted by scholars of all disciplines. The initiative's objective is to identify slow and rapidly moving features of complex social-ecological systems, on local to continental spatial scales, which induce resilience, stress or collapse.