IHDP Knowledge Transfer Database

IHDP Annual Report 2009

Authors: IHDP Secretariat, Gabriela Litre




Bonn, Germany


2009 saw the successful implementation of the IHDP Open Meeting bringing hundreds of scientists to Bonn to discuss the Social Dimensions of Global Change. It saw the publication and dissemination of the Earth System Governance Project's Science and Implementation Plan. The year marked the successful implementation of the Global Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS) Project's synthesis process, as well as the start of two other synthesis processes for the Industrial Transformation (IHDP-IT), and Global Environmental Change and Food Security (GECAFS) Projects. It witnessed the recognition of one on IHDP's prized colleages, Elinor Ostrom, with the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Economics. 2009 saw the growth of IHDP's scientific scope to cover 110 countries, with around 500 active project researchers. Finally, 2009 secured the positive trajectory of the IHDP Secretariat and network with the appointment of the Anantha Kumar Duraiappah as it's Executive Director. IHDP's Annual Report 2009 documents, and presents these and many more accomplishments from the IHDP Network.

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